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Bungee jumping in Mascarat

Experience an exhilarating high as you jump from a height of 60 meters between the breathtaking Mascarat bridges. Take away one of the most sensational experiences: a 40-meter free fall followed by an impressive final pendulum swing. All this takes place in a stunning natural setting, nestled in a mountainous area with breathtaking views.
Bungee jumping at Mascarat
The only bungee jumping between two bridges in Spain is at Mascarat. This unique experience consists of jumping between a modern bridge and a historic bridge, the latter being an outstanding work of engineering from the late 19th century.
Located over the Barranc Salat, commonly known as the “Mascarat Canyon”, the Mascarat bridges, located between Altea and Calpe, span a narrow canyon near the sea. This place serves as a boundary between the regions of Marina Baja and Marina Alta.
Bungee jumping
Time: 3 hours
Location: The Mascarat bridges, between Altea and Calpe, are located over the Barranc Salat.
Equipment: helmet, full body harness
Height of the jump: 40m
Guide / Company: Alicante Adventure
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