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Pub Quiz

If you would like to tease your brain, enjoy brilliant food and a few drinks this is a must go event for you !


Pub Quiz

Join us every Tuesday evening for our weekly Pub Quiz night! Test your knowledge, enjoy great drinks, and compete with other teams for unique prizes.

To make the most out of your quiz night experience, please follow the rules:

  1. Every team must have a name. Get creative and choose a name that represents your team spirit!

  2. NO phones or other helpful devices are allowed during the quiz. This is a fair play competition, and we expect all participants to respect the rules.

  3. Maximum 4 members per team. Choose your teammates wisely and make sure you have a diverse set of skills and knowledge.

  4. Cheating will disqualify the team. We take cheating very seriously, and any team caught cheating will be disqualified from the quiz.

  5. The top three winning teams will get unique prizes. Show off your knowledge and compete to win exciting prizes.

  6. Normal questions are worth 1 point each, and there will be 40 normal questions in total.

  7. Bonus question is worth 5 points. Keep your ears open and try to answer the bonus question to increase your chances of winning.

Our quiz night is conducted in English, and it is a great opportunity to practice your language skills while having fun with your friends. Don't miss out on the chance to join the best Pub Quiz in Valencia every Tuesday evening!

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