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Alcoi: Moros y Cristianos

This April we bring you to a magical place!
Since 1980 this festivity has been declared of international tourist interest… it is the Moors’ and Christians’ festivity in honour of San Jorge, in the city of Alcoy! 
During the three days the festivity commemorates the historical events that occurred in 1276, connected to the Muslim uprisings that occurred in the region and gave rise to Saint George’s patronage. According to tradition, Saint George intervened to defend the new settlers during an attack they suffered, and during whose battle the warlord Al-Azraq was killed.
Alcoy Moros y Cristianos is a traditional festival celebrated in the town of Alcoy, located in the province of Alicante, Spain. The festival commemorates the Christian reconquest of the city from Moorish rule during the Middle Ages.
The festival typically takes place in late April, and it is one of the most renowned and spectacular festivals in Spain. It lasts for several days and involves elaborate processions, reenactments, music, and fireworks.
The highlight of the festival is the reenactment of the Battle of Alcoy, which is performed on the final day. Participants dress up in elaborate costumes representing either the Christian or Moorish armies. The Christians are known as “Cristianos” while the Moors are referred to as “Moros.” The reenactment involves staged battles and skirmishes between the two groups, complete with the firing of muskets and cannons, as well as the clashing of swords and spears. The spectacle is accompanied by lively music and cheering crowds, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere.
Alcoy Moros y Cristianos is not only a celebration of historical events but also a reflection of the cultural heritage and identity of the region. It attracts thousands of visitors each year, both locals and tourists, who come to witness the spectacle and immerse themselves in the rich history and traditions of the festival.
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