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Via Ferrata Godalla

The Via Ferrata Fuente de Godalla is located in the Valencian Community and is one of the most adrenalin-pumping. Its Tibetan bridge, with its 80 metres, is the second longest in Spain, and it also has a 70-metre zip line that you can choose not to do if you are afraid of it. After this great adventure we go to Bocairent.
Vía ferrata + Zip Wire+ Tibetan Bridge : fuente Godalla
The Via ferrata Font de Godallla de Enguerra is a K3 level, i.e. a medium level (initiation) that allows you to have no previous experience but you need to be physically fit and not have vertigo. It is 180 metres high and is divided into two sections. You do the first section and then there is a 70-metre zip line (which you can skip if you are afraid) that takes you to the second section where you cross the 80-metre Tibetan bridge and do the abseil.
Hiking description:
Difficulty level: K3 Medium (Initiation) (No previous experience necessary, but physically fit).
Equipped route : 180 m
Difficulty level of ascent : 50m
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