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Caves of San José & Vilafamés

Do you like adventures and history? If yes, in this excursion you will feel like explorers going deep into the bowels of the earth thanks to the visit to the Caves of San Jose, which combine the charm of natural beauty with the surreal atmosphere of the underground tunnels.
Cuevas de San José (San José caves)
A 2,5km long underground river of San José with rocky landscapes maintains the temperature of + 20 degrees Celsius and is considered the longest navigable underground river in Europe.

The Caves, which sometimes are called “the heart of the earth” are  full of stalactites and stalagmites that you can enjoy during the boat ride as well as some cave drawings left centuries ago.

The caves are only 40km from Valencia and 100km from Peñiscola. And the best thing is that you don’t have to drive with the car, you just get there with the bus and enjoy traveling in a group where you can meet new people.
A unique place to visit for sure!
After the caves we will go to Vilafamés, a beautiful town that  joined the official list of Spain’s Most Beautiful Towns in 2015. Vilafames is a town painted in a palate of rustic browns and whitewashed hues with streets filled with history, culture, gastronomy, and relaxing atmosphere.

Vilafamés stands out with its Arab origin old town dating back to the 11th century as well as its castle resting on the hill above the city. The castle with an amazing panoramic view was built in the 14th century and was a strategic location during the wars.

Rock stone predominates in all of the constructions of the old town, likewise the historical set of Vilafamés is declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2005. In 1938 some of the old towns was destroyed by warplanes during the Spanish Civil War, however in the 1970’s painters discovered the town, fell in love with it and started to reconstruct it to its current glory.

You can’t miss a visit to this idyllic town with narrow streets and charming houses!
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