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Rubielos de Mora & Mora de Rubielos

Feel the magic, feel the beauty, feel the truffle, feel the atmosphere of these beautiful places.
Visit Rubielos de Mora and Mora de Rubielos, two villages in Teruel, with very similar names, but in reality they are different.

Rubielos de Mora, chosen as one of the  most beautiful villages in Spain, is a medieval village with its medieval buildings. Meanwhile, Mora de Rubielos, declared a historic site since 1978, has an imposing castle.
Only 60 km from Teruel, a day without cars, only with the sound of water from the fountains.
Mora de Rubielos
We will start at the main square of Mora de Rubielos, we pass  through several  tiny medieval gates and narrow streets, then we are going to visit  Ex-Colegiata de Santa Maria and of course the charming castle.
Rubielos de Mora
After a few hours at Mora de Rubielos we will go to Rubielos de Mora, so you can decide either to eat in Mora de Rubielos or in Rubielos de mora. We will visit its portals, Portal de San Antonio, Portal de Carmen, Calvario and Ex Colegiata de Santa Maria la Mayor. Around 18:30 after a wonderful day we will return to Valencia.
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