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Camping in mountains + The river Hiking

Camping in the nature after HIKE IN THE RIVER, in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, Next to the river. Where you wake up with sun light, Where the day tempreture is 35º but in the night will be 10º. 

Hiking in the river:  If you like Hiking and if you like water sports, swimming, Cliff jumping etc… This is your trip. We will “HIKE IN THE RIVER”.
We will walk almost 4 kms the first day &  4 kms the 2nd day (The other half of the river). 

The first day you will have 2,3,5 meters of cliff jumping and 2nd day, you have 5 and 10 meters of cliff jumping.
The first day, most of the time is walking and very less time of swimming and the 2nd day there are some places you have to swim more.

About place: It is in the middle of nowhere, and place is approx 100 kms from Valencia.

Important: When we say middle of nowhere, we mean it, It means there is nothing to buy (apart from a small ecotourism restaurant. There is no Phone network, no Internet, Just satellite connection/phone works)


What things you can enjoy during trip ?
Hiking in the river
Abseiling in the water.
Cliff Jumping
Camping in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, Next to the river,
Food and drinks

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