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Pou Clar & Bocairent

Come with us to discover Pou Clar and Bocairent: two beautiful places to spend a nice day. Bocairent, also called the little Tuscany, with its narrow streets and its old town declared a Historic-Artistic Site. Pou Clar is a place where you can relax and get away from the stress of the week, its crystal clear waters and nature will enchant you.

Pou Clar is a natural site located in the Vall d’Albaida, near Ontinyent. The river Clariano has modified the rocks creating this environment that houses amazing natural landscapes. The landscape is very original because it is characterised by different wells dug by the river such as “Pou dels Esclaus” “Pou Gelat” and among them there is also Pou Clar.

Bocairent is a medieval village located in the interior of the province of Valencia in the Sierra de Mariola. It is a village full of history, its caves are what characterize this place and its cobbled streets create a labyrinth.

You can’t miss the visit of this village which is one of the most beautiful in Valencia where you can spend a nice day and have fun discovering.
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