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Pink Lake

If you like to be surrounded by nature, you will surely enjoy our excursion to Alicante and Pink Lake. The first is a city near Valencia, which in addition to having outstanding artistic and historical sites, it also offers beautiful “Blue Flag” beaches for their cleanliness. On the other hand, Pink Lake is considered a naturalistic jewel for the amazing color of its water and its richness in vegetation and fauna, two places of the Valencian Community that you really can’t miss!
Pink lake
The Pink Lake of Torrevieja is one of those rare natural phenomena that make you believe you are in a fairytale. Its breathtaking colour is due to the high level of salinity and the good temperatures that throughout the whole year have created a perfect ecosystem for some species of algae, who give the lake its beautiful color.  Such unique place must be protected and that is why bathing is forbidden, although we hope you can still enjoy this wonderful place by walking or cycling. Hope to see you there!

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