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Oropesa del Mar & Cala Renega​

Oropesa del Mar
with more than twelve kilometers of coastline and seven beaches, is perfect for a day trip. Its coves of fine golden sand, heritage in its old town and beautiful landscapes, different greenways and trails to enjoy its nature, and go from beach to beach.
And the best of all these, Oropesa del Mar has the first beach swing in Spain and it is located on La Concha beach.
CAla Renega
A spectacular set of coves of stones and rocks, with pine trees just a few metres from the shore. An ideal place to combine the sea and the mountains and relax in the peace of nature.
To get to the coves you can enjoy the Via Verda, a beautiful route through the pine woods and by the sea, a path through the pines that leads to the foot of the Torre de la Corda, which ends this path and allows you to enjoy small but exceptional coves.
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