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Murcia & Cartagena

Murcia, cultural and historical heritage, a city with a lot of art, renowned gastronomy, and culture and an enviable climate throughout the year. It is a perfect destination to spend a day in this wonderful city and if we add another monumental city full of history as Cartagena, it is already an incomparable excursion.

Murcia; a walled city founded in 831 by Abd-Al-Rahman II in the center of the Segura River Valley. Some of those remains are still visible.
The Christian city was also very important and from the XVII, and XVIII, when Murcia reaches a splendor and rise the numerous churches, temples and creates an important pictorial and sculptural heritage.

Cartagena is a city with 2,500 years of history in each of its corners and in each of its streets and squares, in monuments such as the Roman Theater, built in the time of Emperor Augustus which is now restored.
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