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Peñíscola and Morella

Join us to discover the “Crown Jewels” of the province of Castellón: Morella is a magical place where past and present coexist in perfect harmony, whereas Peñíscola, or the City in the Sea, is a breathtaking medieval city where you will be able to visit its beautiful castle, the evocative streets where “Game of Thrones” was filmed and so much more.
As you begin to walk through the streets of Morella, you will immediately understand why it was named as a World Heritage Site. In this beautiful place, past and present come together in perfect harmony and the  history of the town comes out from every corner. You will also be surrounded by gothic art everywhere and you surely can’t miss the visit to the castle, located in the highest part of the town.

After travelling along the Costa Blanca for about 2 hours,  Peñiscola will appear with all its beauty before our eyes. Here a guide will help us  discover all the secrets of the most monumental town of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. We will visit the Templar Castle, which is located in the highest part of the town and where Pope Benedict XIII, also known as Pope Luna, decided to retire. It will also be a unique opportunity to walk the same streets that Tyrion and Varys walked in “Game of Thrones” or discover some of the houses completely covered with seashells.
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