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Isla de Tabarca

Crystal clear water, charming village, awesome views, fantastic climate all year around, tasty cuisine, Beautiful coves and beaches famous for snorkeling,
Yes we are talking about “ISLA TABARCA” (The Island of Tabarca), the only inhabited island in the Valencian comunity.
We will go by bus to Santa Pola, where we will take the catamarán. In the afternoon the boat will return from the island and the bus will take us back to Valencia.
We will spend the whole day on this beautiful island where you can do loads of activities. 
  • First of all, of course swim in the crystal clear water, practice snorkel.
  • Discover the hidden coves around the island, get to them and enjoy. 
  • Get lost on the opposite side of the inhabited island and visit the lighthouse.
  • Find Cala el francés and enjoy the underwater caves/tunnel.
  • And don’t forget to taste the Tabarquino rice or caldero!

What to bring

Beach material: Swimsuit, Towels, Sun cream
For Snorkeling: Snorkeling material
Food and water: We recommend that you take from home, so you do not spend much money and have more freedom, time to enjoy the beach
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