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Hiking Castillo de Chirel

Experience a real fairy tale with us: we are waiting for you to venture on a unique hiking experience that will take us to the incredible Chirel Castle. We will go into the unspoilt nature to follow a natural route during which there will be laughter and fun and we will even get on a boat for an incredible journey through breathtaking scenery. If you want to have a great day out with your friends or make new friends you are welcome to join us. Our adventure will end at the bottom of the castle, allowing us to make a wonderful cultural visit as well.
A magnificent hiking experience will take us to a castle considered one of the most magical places in Spain: it is located in the area of Cortes de Pallás, in the Umbría de Chirel and offers a unique cultural heritage and impressive viewpoints. This amazing medieval castle was, in ancient times, a key place for the control of trade on the Júcar route. Today, it is a fortress on the red heritage list, i.e. in serious danger, and is undergoing extensive restoration. The fortress dates back to the 15th century and historical sources from 1349 praise the importance of the site for its strategic location and its perfectly integrated form in the geography of the territory. To reach this enchanted fortress you will feel as if you were living the adventures of a fairy tale: a river cruise for 30km and then we will go deep into the dense vegetation.
Hiking description:
Distance:11,16 km
Elevation gain:596 m
Technical difficulty: Easy-Medium
Vertical drop:596 m
Maximum altitude:692 m
Route type: Circular
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