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Hiking Barranco de la Hoz Calomarde

La Ruta del Barranco de la Hoz – Calomarde is one of the hiking routes in the Sierra de Albarracín, Teruel, in the autonomous community of Aragón. If you want to spend a magical day here, you have to visit La Cascada de Calomarde (also known as Cascada Batida or Cascada del Molino Viejo) which takes you to listen to the murmurs of the Río Blanco. There you can see incredible landscapes and routes.
This wonderful route is also known as Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes de Calomarde or Ruta de las Pasarelas. The Barranco de la Hoz route actually links the towns of Calomarde and Frías de Albarracín, so you can start the route wherever is most convenient for you. It is curious to know that La Cascada de Calomarde is very easy to access, which makes it ideal for children. This route is a circular route!

Hiking description:
Distance: 7.27 km
Elevation gain: 131 m
Technical difficulty: Moderate
Max elevation: 1,413 m
Trail type: Loop
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