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Hiking Agua Buñol + Canyoning

Located in the Hoya de Buñol, you will surely love this circular route. Here you will be able to do sport, a medium-easy route, and relax in natural pools. During this route you will also discover caves, waterfalls, springs and ravines. Some examples are the Cueva de Turche, the Cueva de las Palomas, the river Juanes and the Charco Mañán: a marvel for your eyes.

Hiking trail description
Difficulty level: medium low

Distance: 11.5 kilometers
Duration: 3 hours and a half 
Elevation: 511 meters

A refreshing hiking
During this route we will admire caves, waterfalls, springs and unique ravines. We will start in the San Luis Park and we will arrive at the Cueva del Turche, a small lagoon of an intense blue. We will continue our route to the Cueva de las Palomas passing by the Charco Mañán, where we can find some ponds formed by the river. At the end, we will reach an area with natural pools and then we will continue our way to the Mirador Monte La Cruz from where we will be able to enjoy the panorama and a splendid view of Buñol. All these places will enchant you, and you will be able to combine sport with relaxation, since we will bathe in refreshing and crystalline waters.

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