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Hiking Chelva

The water route in Chelva is, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular and favourite routes for hikers in the province of Valencia. An impressive and easy route through caves and tunnels excavated in the rock, a Roman aqueduct, one of the most important in Spain, a wooden footbridge or the passage through a mountain cut by hand by the Romans.
Hiking Chelva
The entire route has a total length of approximately 13 kilometres, including the return trip, and can be completed in approximately 3 hours. The Peña Cortada aqueduct route, declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in the province of Valencia, and the water route, is of medium-low difficulty, and is one of the most spectacular in Valencia thanks to the fact that we can walk through tunnels illuminated by natural light.
The latest studies indicate that the aqueduct, built entirely by the Romans, supplied the city of Valencia and was probably one of the three longest on the Iberian Peninsula, with an estimated total length of 100 to 110 kilometres, quite a technical feat.

Hiking description:
Distance: 13.34 km
Elevation gain: 237 m
Technical difficulty: Moderate
Negative difference in altitude: 237 m
Maximum altitude: 523 m
Type of route: Circular
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