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Gorgos de Anna + Optional Canyoning

A day in Anna, a charming walk around its lake and castle. Enjoy a natural landscape of great beauty thanks to the beautiful water route, with its numerous fountains, waterfalls and gorges, where you can also practice… canyoning!
There is also a spectacular architectural heritage from the hidden Palace of the Counts of Cervellón to its religious buildings. A perfect place to combine nature and a cultural visit, enjoying a swim in the middle of nature and good company.
The Valencian Alhambra
One of the most visited places in spring and summer, with a landscape and cultural heritage worth visiting. Its name means “eyes of water” because of the large number of fountains, waterfalls and gorges. 
Other than for its waters, Anna is also celebrated for stopping the “Palace of the Counts of Cervellón”, known as “The little Valencian Alhambra”. Visiting the palace you will have a guided tour that will allow you to discover the history of the building and the city itself. In addition, you will love its architecture and its colors: you will seem to travel in the past, in the times of the Arabs.
Don’t forget to take a walk through the village, small but very charming where you will find many fountains and small rivers.

Hiking description:
Level: medium
Length: 2 km
Positive difference: 25 meters
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