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Fanzara(The graffiti town) & Culla & Mascarell


Fanzara, (The graffiti town) where an urban art project has put this small town on the international map.

Fanzara is a small village in Castellón where every year more than twenty graffiti artists come to fill its walls with color during the Festival of Urban Art (MIAU).

They call it the town of Banksy (this world-renowned urban artist would love to live here) and when we stroll through its streets we will understand why.


Culla is pure nature and history permeated between the streets. This is what this completely medieval small town emanates, a treasure of the province of Castellón whose old town has earned it an entry in the list of the Association of The Most Beautiful Villages in Spain.

In fact, its old town is known for having been declared an Asset of National Cultural Interest in 2004.

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