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Elche & Santa Pola

Elche, declared a World Heritage Site in 2000, is called, the Oasis of Mediterranean.
It is also very well known because of its palm garden, the biggest one in Europe with more than two hundred thousand palm trees.

These palms were planted at the time of the Muslim occupation in the Iberian Peninsula. They have strongly contributed to the cultural heritage of this city, which is the third most important city of the Comunidad Valenciana.
Elche has also a wonderful botanical garden, el Jardin Huerto del Cura, which presents all the species of plants of the region, and there is notably an imperial palm tree.
Some of the species are over 300 years old. 
What to see in Elche:  Palmeral de Elche,  Jardin El Huerto del Cura, El Parque Municipal, Basilica de Santa Maria, Palacio de Altamira.
This town is perfect to enjoy a peaceful afternoon, you will find beautiful white sand beaches and a very pleasant port. The beaches of Santa Pola have a blue flag, which means that they are really clean beaches with good environmental quality. 
We can also find Roman archaeological remains, and other historical remains since the history of this town go back to the 4th century BC.
The beautiful port of Santa Pola was of primary importance in the development of maritime trade in the region. 
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