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Cuevas de San José & Vilafamés

Do you like adventures and history? Do you want to travel with your friends?
If yes, this excursion is perfect for you! You will feel like explorers going deep into the bowels of the earth thanks to the visit to the Caves of San Jose, which combine the charm of natural beauty with the surreal atmosphere of the underground tunnels. You will continue the adventures in the ancient streets of Vilafamés, a village included in the list of the Most Beautiful Cities of Spain in 2015.
Caves of San José
If you want to live an extraordinary experience, the Caves of San José are waiting for you: here you will be able to take a boat ride on one of the longest underground rivers in Europe. You can also admire its cave paintings, which have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The historic centre is the most important part of Vilafamés and its beauty has earned it the title of Property of Cultural Interest in 2005. Its particularity is that it is divided into two different areas: one that evokes its Arab origin, with narrow and zigzagging streets, while the other is more linear. Its castle at the top of the city and its church are monuments not to be missed. Another fundamental point is ”La Roca Grossa”, where according to the legend, if you touch it, you can make three wishes and at least one will come true.
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