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Hiking trip to Chulilla

If you love to be surrounded by nature, this hiking is for you: the wonderful Ruta de los Puentes Colgantes de Chulilla will bring us to Chulilla, a little village amid the mountains, that you’ll love without doubt.

The route of the Puentes Colgantes de Chulilla is the ideal place to dive into nature. With its bridges and canyons, this route has become more and more popular until it became one of the favourite route to do to  discover the interior territory of the Community of Valencia.

During the route we will cross two wooden and steel bridges that will allow us to cross from one side of the Turia riverbank to the other. This place is perfect to take photos!
This route is a naturalistic joy for everyone, with views that will leave you breathless. Moreover, it’s quite an easy route to do, as the paths are clear and clean and the area is well signposted, except for a few sections.

Hiking description
Level: medium
Lenght: 14-15 km
Elevation: 900 m
Duration: 4-5 hours

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