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“Bodas de Isabel” Teruel

Every year the legend of the lovers of Teruel is revived in the streets of the city. The town is transformed and the people of Teruel return to the 13th century, dressed in period costumes to form part of the society in which this tragic and beautiful love story took place.


“Las Bodas de Isabel” (also known as “Los Amantes de Teruel”) are festivities held in the city of Teruel, usually held in February, which recreate the love story of two young people, Diego and Isabel, who promised each other eternal love and were buried together after suffering some calamities.

For a couple of days, the streets of Teruel, customised as in the Middle Ages, become the ideal setting for the popular representation of the different scenes that make up the legend of the Lovers of Teruel. A whole medieval village is represented in the historic centre of Toledo with a large medieval market surrounded by bonfires and full of dancers, artisans and musicians, at the same time as the story of the lovers is represented.

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