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Altea & Benidorm

The highlight of the Mediterranean region: Altea!
Considered the most beautiful and most photographed city on the Costa Blanca, it has inspired many artists and painters for decades. 
A beautiful old town, its narrow cobbled streets, stairs, alleys decorated with hundreds of colorful plants:  you can’t resist to take photos of it and the views will remain for  forever in your memories.
And don’t forget the beaches of Altea.

They are so beautiful that they have inspired many famous artist and painters as well. 
What to see in Altea: The Old Town, the Church of Nuestra Señora del Consuelo, the Mirador de los Cronistas de España, and of course its beaches in summer.

Known as the “New York of the Mediterranean” is the second Spanish city with more skyscrapers after Madrid.

An impressive place with a wonderful natural environment and modern skyscrapers.
Its specialties are the spacious beaches of fine golden sand and its skyscrapers. As an example, the tallest hotel in Europe is in Benidorm called “Bali”, the views from the terrace are unmissable.

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